Over the years, the Mary Thompson Foundation has donated many different types of grants to organizations, all of which benefit our senior communities in several diverse ways.

Some of these include:

  • Medical (Hospital programs. Nursing care, etc.)
  • Church programs, Libraries, Universities, Centers, Cemeteries, etc.
  • Entertainment (Music, Theaters, Symphonies, etc.)
  • Food Programs and Transportation
  • Animals (Comfort/Companionship to Seniors)
  • Accounting Aids

The Mary Thompson Foundation is proud to be a beneficial part in giving comfort and aid to our seniors.

Mary Thompson Foundation Transportation

Transportation is an essential part of our community infrastructure and many times our seniors need help accessing the goods, services, and social contacts they need in their day-to-day existence and quality of life.

Mary Thompson Foundation Companionship

Companionship is shown here as Blizzard provides love to and receives love from a senior. Pets can provide physical, psychological and social benefits.

Mary Thompson Foundation Testimonials 3

The Historic Elmwood Foundation is deeply grateful to the Mary Thompson Foundation for its continued generosity and support of our outreach to the local community. The transportation cart has been very useful as we tour the grounds with disabled and elderly visitors. The cart provides them, and us, with an easy means to showcase our parklike city and share the stories of those who are laid to rest at Elmwood. Also, it has become an indispensable aid when needing to quickly transport elderly people from graveside services to the gatehouse for respite from the heat and elements. We sincerely appreciate your support.

With your assistance, we have also been able to place contemplation benches at various spots in Elmwood Cemetery. In particular, our visitors have requested resting spots near the mausoleum, the pond and the Civil War section at the back of the grounds. These have been a much appreciated addition to the grounds for our thousands of visitors. Thank you and the grant committee for your consideration of our grant request and your generous donation to the Historic Elmwood Foundation. Again, we thank the Thompson grant committee for its support of Elmwood.